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Musique Vidéos
A Country High   Norman Gifford High On A Country Song - Sam Riggs
A little bit gypsy   Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Little Bit Gypsy - Kellie Pickler
A Woman's Rant 2016/2017 Séverine Fillion Jo Dee Messina
All about a woman 2015/2016 Maggie Gallagher Don't Ask Me About A Woman / Easton Corbin
All Alone 2015/2016 Don Pascual

I'll just leave it all alone - Marty McIntosh

All you need 2013/2014 Robbie McGowan Hickie All you really need is love- Brad Paisley
American Kids   Randy Pelletier Kenny Chesney
An absolute dream 2013/2014 Joyce Plaskett Land of Dream - Rosanna Cash
Baby belle   Gaye Teather The Belle Of Liverpool - Derek Ryan
Bad Things   Bill Goodlad

Bad Things - Jace Everett 

Badda-Boom ! Badda-Bang !   Karen Hunn Freddie Said/Barry Manilow
Bandido's Last Ride   Gaye Teather
Dave Sheriff
Better Times 2015/2016 Scott et Vikki Morris Better Time A Comin' - Derek Ryan
Big Blue Tree   Ria Vos Michael English

Black mercedes

  Dan Albro Jim and Jack and Hank - Alan Jackson
Blown Away   Morgane Bihoës Blown away - Carrie Underwood
Bounty   Séverine Fillion Dean Brody
Bring down the house   Stephane Cormier et Denis Henley Dean Brody
Brokenheartsville   Peter Metelnick Joe Nichols
Bruises   Niels Poulsen Ashley Monroe
Bullfrog on a log 2014/2015 Cef Decaney Gotta Feeling - Tim Hicks Feat
California blue   Jean Bridgeman California blue - Mariotti Brotherrs
Can’t go wrong 2015/2016 Charley Beck The Heart Is Right / Carlene Carter
Carnival Ride   Tina Argyle Some Town Somewhere - Kenny Chesney
Carolina Boys 2014/2015 Rob Fowler Lee Brice
Carter’s rock   Diana Dawson The Way That You Love Me - Nathan Carter
Celtic na la 2015/2016 Syndie Berger Ni Na La - Orla Fallon

Chase that song

  Kate Sala Chase That Song – Cody Jinks
Chasing Down A Good Time   Dan albro Randy Houser
Chillaxin 2015/2016 Robbie McGowan Hickie Craig Campbell
Chips and Dip   David Villellas Same Ol' Love - Rob Wilson
Chirpy charleston   Gaye Teather That good that bad - Mark Chesnutt
Christmas fun   Françoise Lavielle Rockin’ around the Christmas tree - Brian Setzer  
Cliché   Kate Sala Modern day Bonnie and Clide/ Travis Tritt
Clickety Clack   Peter Metelnick & Kathy Hynyadi Southbound Train – Travis Tritt
Colorado Girl 2013/2014 Dan Albro High Rollers
Come As You Are   Yvonne Anderson Honkytonk Life - Darryl Worley
Come on down 2016/2017 Gudrun Schneider Come on down - High Valley
Corn Don't grow   Tina Argyle Where corn don't grow - Travis Tritt
Country girl skake it for me 2013/2014 Michele Adlam & Maria Hennings Hunt Country Girl (Shake It For Me) by Luke Bryan
Country Rhone Valley   Séverine Fillion Damn Thing - Pistol Annies
cowboy boogie     Man! I Feel Like A Woman - Shania Twain
Cucaracha   Hank & Mary Kahl All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down - The Mavericks
3 Day Road   Séverine Fillion The Washboard Union
Dancing around it   Dan Albro Dancing Around It - Charles Kelley
Ding dang darn it   Rachael McEnaney Ken Domash
Dong Dong Dong 2014/2015 Virgile Ding Dong the Witch is Dead - Alex Swings Oscar Sings
Driven   Rob Fowler Casey James
Drowning   Darren Bailey the swimming pool - O'Shea
Earthbound   Gudrun Schneider Rodney Crowell
Easy Way   David Villelas Just Be You - Billy Yates
Feels like rock’n roll 2015/2016 David Linger Bouke
Fifty two beers ago   Severine Fillion Beers Ago - Toby Keith
For Neige   The Dreamers Saturday Night - Heidi Hauge
Galway gathering   Maggie Gallagher Games People Play/Nathan Carter
Galway Girls   Chris Hodgson Sharon Shannon & Steve Earle
Get down the fiddle 2016/2017 Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Louisiana Saturday Night / Robert Mizzell
Go strait   Darren Bailey Let It Go - George Strait
God Only Knows   Marie-Claude Gil Jason Michael Carroll
Golden wedding ring    Séverine Fillion Golden Ring - Terri Clark & Dierks Bentley
Goodbye monday   Rob Fowler Maggie Rose
Go cat go   Gaye Teather Please Mama Please / Go Cat Go
Good time girls   Karen Kennedy Nathan Carter
Gotta keep praying   Guy Dubé Till The Answer Comes - Paul Overstreet
Greater Than Me   Maggie Gallagher Greater - Mercyme
Happy happy happy   Angeles Mateu Simon Soggy Bottom Summe

Hearts & flowers

  Adrian Churm Hearts And Flowers – Dave Sheriff
Hey cowboy     Why not one more drink - Doug Atkins
Hey O 2015/2016 Darren Bailey Johnny Reid
High Cotton   Niels Poulsen Alabama
Highway Don't Care   Eric Lecardonel Tim McGraw, Taylor Swift et Keith Urban
Hit the diff 2016/2017 Guylaine Bourdages Hit the diff - Ritchie Remo
Hold 2016/2017 Jgor PASIN Maybe I Shouldn't - Matt BORDEN
Home To Louisiana   Gilles Labrecque Home To Louisiana - Anne Tayler
Homegrown   Rachael McEnaney Zac Brown Band
Hooked on country   Jim Ferrazzano Hooked On Country - The Atlanta Pops Orchestra
I got my own shotgun   Marie Claude Gil Abbi Scott no vidéo
I run to you   Rachael McEnaney Lady Antebellum
I'm no good   Rachael McEnaney

I'm no good - Laura Bell Bundy

I won’t go huntin’ 2016/2017 Agnès Gauthier I won’t go huntin’ with you Jake - Jimmy DEAN
In my Heart 2014/2015 Maggie Gallagher Kneep Deep in my Heart – Shane Filan
Irish stew   Lois Lightfoot Sham Rock
Is it Friday yet   Diana Dawson Is it Friday yet, Gorn Bramfort
Island in the stream   Karen Jones Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton
J'ai du Boogie   Max Perry Scooter Lee
Jacket Joe   Esther & José Trapper Jacket Joe (1995) - George McAnthony
Jacob's ladder   Gordon Elliott Jacob's ladder - Mark Wills / Blue rodeo - The Woolpackers
Jessie   Elodie et Eric Sonet Come do a little life
Robbie McGowan Hickie
One way ticket - Billy Currington
JR   Gabi Ibanez All you need is me - Joey&Rory

Just a girl

  Arnaud Marraffa & Séverine Fillion Lady Antebellum
Kill the spiders   Gaye Teather You need a man around here - Brad Paisley
Kiss Off   Robbie McGowan Hicckie If I was a woman - Trace Adkins
Knee Deep   Peter & Alison Zac Brown Band
Lake darbonne   David Villellas Katie Knight
Last living cowboy 2014/2015 Françoise Guillet Toby Keith

Lay low   Alexandra Hungerbühler Josh Turner
Leti 2014/2015 Severine Fillion Country Junkie - Gord Bambord
Life is better   M.C. Gil Drake White
Little Bit Cajun   Rob Fowler Empty - Tim Redmont
Little redneck   Montse Chafino "Sweet" The Longer You Are Gone- Ron Williams
Little tornado   Françoise Guillet Little tornado - Little Big Town
Little wagon wheel   Gaye Teather Wagon Wheel - Nathan Carter
Look Out   Cato Larsen Mokamann - Plumo
Lord help me   Marie Sørensen Lord Help Me Be The Kind Of Person - The Bellamy Brothers
Loved you more   Leys Martine Doug Adkins
Lovin' You   Annie Corthésy

It's Just Me Lovin' You - Wayne Law

Lucky You 2014/2015 Ami Carter JaneDear Girls
Make it up   Maggie Gallagher I wanna die - Miranda Lambert
Make this day   Rachel McEnaney Make This Day de Zac Brown Band
Makita   Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Just One Time - Jamie O'NEAL
Making me Crazy 2014/2015 Patrick Cassagneau Making This Boy Go Crazy – Dylan Scott
Mary Mary   Darren Bailey Zac Brown Band
Maverockin'   Gaye Teather As  Long as there's loving - The Mavericks
Mexicali   Robbie McGowan Hickie Tobias Rene
Mexi Fest   Kate Sala Back in your arms - Mavericks
Moonshine in the Trunk   LDM Brad Paisley
My Dear Juliet   Pilar Perez Solera

George McAnthony

Never Gonna Let Me Go   Séverine Fillion

Jason Grabb

No Vacancy   Trevor Thornton Sangria - Blake Shelton
Out and Black   Séverine Fillion Didier Beaumont
Out Like That   Marie-Claude Gil Luke Bryan
Paradise     Two pina colladas - Garth Brooks  
P3 2014/2015 Gabi Ibáñez Take It Or Break It - Wilson Fairchild
Pavement Ends 2014/2015 Gudrun Schneider
Little Big Town

Quarter after one

  Levi J Hubbard Need You Now - Lady Antebellum
Raise em’up high   Dan Albro No Can Left Behind / Cole Swindell

Rockin’ with the rhythm

  Rob Fowler Rocking with the Rhythm of the rain - Les Judds
Raggle Taggle Gypsy O 2014/2015 Maggie Gallagher Derek Ryan
Route 66   Wil Bos & Baastian Van Leeuwen Route 66 Revisited - Jimmy Lafave
She's Kind   Will Bos Pat James
Shotgun Rider   Noe Rold Tim McGraw
Side by side   Patricia E. Stott We Work It Out - Joni Harms
South of santa fe   Nathalie Pelletier Brook and Dunn
Southern Thing   Rob Fowler & Darren Bailey Ain't Just A Southern Thing - Alan Jackson
Splish Splash   Jo Thompson Scooter Lee
Sprinsteen   Gail Smith

Eric Church

Sugar and Paï   Kelli Haugen The Boots Band
Summer fly   Geoffrey Rothwell Hayley Westenra
Sunbeam   Bruno Moggia Jack County
Sweet Ride   K. Smith & W. Beazley  
Tag on 2015/2016 David Villelas Too strong to break -Beccy Cole
Thanks a lot   Maribel Vives Robert Mizzelli
Telescope   Françoise Guillet Heyden Pannetière
The belle of Liverpool   Audrey Watson Derek Ryan
The Boat to Liverpool   Ross Brown On The Boat To Liverpool - Nathan Carter
The Final Test   Marie-Claude Gil

The legend of Feral Kev and General Leeroy - Jayne Denham

The harvester   Séverine Fillon Brandon Heath
The Island   Séverine Fillion

Shauna Mcstravick

The Rodeo Clown   Maria Hennings Hunt Bandy The Rodeo Clown - Moe Bandy
Thinkin’ country 2016/2017 Simon Ward What Was I Thinkin' - Dierks Bentley
To Be In Love   Séverine Fillon Love would be enough - Dean Brody
Trucking 2015/2016 Maggie Gallagher Indépendant Trucker / Broock & Dunn
Tush push   James Ferrazzano Don’t rock the jukebox - Alan Jackson
Twist and shake   Sylvie Roy The Shake - Neal McCoy
Untamed 2016/2017 Magali Chabret Untamed - Cam
Walking Backwards   Robiie McGowan Hickie Brandon Sandefur
wave on wave   Alan G. Birchall Pat Green
We are tonight   Dan Albro Billy Currington
We March On   Séverine Fillion

Hillary Scott

Where we've been 2015/2016 Lana Harvey Wilson Remember When - Alan Jackson
White rose   Gaye Teather White rose - Toby Keith
Whiskey instead of wine   Vikki Morris Weed Instead of Roses - Ashley Monroe
Whiskey's gone   Rob Fowler Zac Brown Band
Wishful thinking   Jim O'Neill Lovin' All Night - Rodney Crowell
Wild nights   Dan Albro Martina McBride
Wonderland Waltz   Rob Fowler A new way to fly - Garth Brooks
Your side of town 2016/2017 Neville Fitsgerald & Julie Harris Your Side Of Town - Maddie & Tae